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Officially Rajamundry called as Rajamahendravaram, which is located bank of River Godavari in West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. The original name of the city is “Rajamahendrapuram” according to the earliest records available.

Rajamahendravaram is a big city among the other cities of East Godavari District. The beauty of this city is River Godavari. One more speciality is that it is exactly located between Andhra Pradesh Capital Amaravathi (Near to Vijayawada) and Vishakapatnam (Port City). Rajamahendravaram is a cultural, traditional and historical city.

In Rajamahendravaram we have visiting places like Godavari Bridge (Road Cum Rail Bridge), ISKON Temple, Gowthami Grandhalayam (LIBRARY), APPM Ltd (International Paper Mill), Godavari Boat Travels, Kotilingeswara Temple.

Near to Rajamahendravarm we have Draksharamam Temple, Papi Hills (magnificent hill station), Kadiyapulanka (the village flourishes in floriculture and horticulture), Pattiseema (Located on a hill in the centre of the Godavari River), Dowleswaram Barrage.

Visiting Places

Dhavaleshwaram Barrage

Draksharamam Temple

ISKON Temple


Kotilingeshwara Temple

Papi Kondalu

Bringing the entire Godavari Districts together

building a strong spirit, and creating a carnival-like atmosphere