About 5K Run

A World-class Running Event

To celebrate the legacy of city followed by renaming it as Rajamahendravaram,
Godavari 5K Run coming on April 24th, 2016

This year we are planning to organize the run to recall the legacy of the city under your guidance, to rebuild the spirit of Cultural Capital of Andhra Pradesh. The run shall be organized by a group of passionate runners in collaboration with local leaders and govt. bodies.

We are expecting active participants over 4000 and the supporting and encouraging groups shall be up to 2000 as we are going to engage the city in a meaningful way during the pre-run and post-run activities and programs. “Go Rural India” and “Events Now” from Hyderabad bringing a professionally-organized 5K run to Rajamahendravaram region. The run organizers with a strong passion of promoting running have extensive previous race experiences, having conducted and participated in numerous short distance runs and marathons across the world (ran over 75 marathons- 42K & 21K).

The run is open to every member of the public. We invite everyone to join in and experience the exhilaration of being part of the event! At the run, you will not only challenge yourself but also make lasting friendships.

Recalling the success of our first edition with your support:

The Godavari 5K Run, 2015 made its debut today with a stunning 5k Run successfully concluding in Rajamahendravaram. The event was designed and developed to promote running as the primary form of fitness along with the objective of celebrating the spirit of Rajamahendravaram and the legendary river Godavari. Godavari is the lifeline of Rajamahendravaram and the race was also aimed at spreading the message of “Stop Pollution, Save Godavari”. The Godavari 5 K run is an initiative to bring about a positive change and create awareness about conserving the Godavari River.

The event witnessed overwhelming participation with more than 3500 runners (elite and amateur) taking part in the 5K race. The inaugural event was a grand success with enthusiastic participation by the citizens of Rajamahendravaram. Scores of runners from across India and overseas have also participated.

Participation Procedure

Medals and Certificates

Medals for all finishers. Complete the 5K Run and earn a top-quality medal and a Certificate of Participation.

Cash Prizes

Top three finishers in different categories (men, women, veteran) will receive cash prizes.

MAX Participation Trophy

Special trophy for the organization with maximum number of participants

Entry Fee


Post-run Breakfast

All participants will receive nutritious breakfast after the run.

Schedule of Godavari 5K Run:

6:30 – 6:55 am

Pre-race warm up

7:00 am

Start of the race

9:30 am

Prize distribution

Race Packet Pick-Up

Pick-up race packets on Saturday, April 23rd,2016. Location to be announced.

Race Results

Provisional results posted on the evening of April 24th, 2016 at www.godavari5krun.com

Cancellation Policy

Once registered, the entry cannot be cancelled or postponed.

Training Tips

How to Become a Morning Runner: Whether it's the earlier sunrises, sweltering mid-day temps or just the desire to become a morning runner, where many runners make goals of getting their run in before the day begins. But making the transition to early morning running isn't always easy. Here are six things to keep in mind if you are looking to become a sunrise runner.


A quick way to get into the routine of 5am is to ‘’rip off the Band –Aid’’ and just do it. Don’t wait until the start of the week or beginning of the month . Do it tomorrow. Go to bed just 30 to 45 minutes earlier tonight. The first early morning will be tough.


Once you hit the snooze button, it’s easier to hit again. And 15 to 20 min of snoozing means 15 to 20 min less of running.Focus on getting up the first time your alarm goes off.


Avoid time wasting traps in the morning The best way to do this is to plan ahead by doing things such as keeping your running clothes and shoes ready .having your iPod (or whatever other accessories you run with )charged and ready to go. Which gives more time to run?


It may seem obvious, but it is tough to get up at 5 a.m. to run if you are going to bed after midnight. Before you start an early morning routine, focus on getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. The early wakeups will feel easier if you are well rested and energized for the day.


It is easier to be consistent with running in the morning if you are waking up and going to bed around the same time each morning and night. Your body will become accustomed to this routine, and you might even find yourself waking up without an alarm. REMEMBER it takes about few days to make a habit.


Its lot easier to stay committed to the pre-dawn wake up if you know someone is waiting for you.And,not only is the running buddy motivation to get out of bed, he/she will make the run more enjoyable as you log the miles together.

Fitness & Health:

Fitness Categories - Aerobics, Cross Training Exercise, Jumping Rope, Meditation, Strength Training, Stretching, Yoga, Zumba

Running & Sports:

Couch to 10k – A 10k is within your reach .Here is the definitive guide to going from zero to 10k. Our couch to 10k guide will help you run your very first 10k.

Bringing the entire Godavari Districts together

building a strong spirit, and creating a carnival-like atmosphere